Bring Mary and Laura to you!


As survivors, advocates, and writers, Mary and Laura bring a unique perspective and their compelling story of survival.  Mary and Laura tell their personal stories of surviving abuse, healing, and reconnecting after 35 years to seek a different kind of justice.





Public Speaking Topics:


  • Reclaiming Your Survival Story
  • Re-defining Justice for Survivors (Law Enforcement)
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Re-thinking Stranger Danger
  • General Issue Advocacy & Awareness





"Mary and Laura are warriors. They are completely unflappable. I commend them for telling their story and for making it easier for others to tell theirs. I’m not sure how they do what they do. It takes guts. I respect them both very much. The Westford Parent Connection was pleased to host them, and we look forward to working with them again."


Mary Anne Seraphin

President, Westford Parent Connection



"At first, I had a great deal of apprehension about attending the workshop and nearly turned right around and left after entering the room, but I am so grateful I decided to take the risk and show up despite my fears. Laura and Mary made it a safe space for everyone, survivors in all different places in the healing journey. While everyone in the room was in a different place in the healing process and everyone's individual story is different, there was something sacred about being in a place where every single person in the room understood the pain of childhood sexual abuse. Also, it felt safe because it was totally up to me how much I wanted to share or not share."


"Overall, the part of the workshop that made the biggest difference for me was seeing how shamelessly Laura and Mary told their stories with honesty, vulnerability, and even humor. It gave me a picture of freedom for my own future. Seeing how they are turning past pain and tragedy into something beautiful was a source of so much hope and empowerment for me and I'm carrying that with me as I walk forward toward that freedom."


"Your story is powerful and survivors giving parents like myself advice is making a real difference.  Knowing exactly what to say and your examples of scenarios was most helpful to me. Knowing what to say and  how to act when a child shares something with us that's questionable was great advice too.  Thanks again and please keep me notified of future events.  I would highly recommend it to other parents."

- Parent



"You both did an amazing job at your event on the 29th. I honestly can't think of any suggestions or ways to improve it. It is a very difficult topic, but one that is so important to discuss, as you say, remove the shame.  That message was very powerful to me.  I wish you much success in helping other victims and educating families to prevent such crimes. You are going to make a big difference!"

- Parent


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